I bought Hartz Ultraguard topical anti-flea drops at Walmart naively without looking them up first. I didn’t think they would be any different from the stuff I had always used with my pets…I was horribly wrong. I put the drops on my dogs and they had no reaction but minutes after putting them on my cats both of them were miserable. They started crying loudly and licking at the spots where I had put it on as if the drops were burning their skin. The smaller of the two had quickly developed a bright red rash where the drops were! Immediately we knew something was very wrong as I had never seen any animal react like that to flea drops so my boyfriend started researching online if there was any way to help them.

He found an article stating you can wash the drops off with Dawn dish soap specifically so that’s what we did. When he washed our smaller cat off she seemed to have immediate relief from the burning and seemed very grateful. We used a good amount of the soap on both cats and dogs and lathered them up, making sure to scrub all the product off their fur and skin and rinsing with lots of warm water. We made sure to smell them after to ensure the product was completely gone. Both of the cats stopped their reactions after the bath and seemed completely fine. Our dogs had no adverse reaction at all.

I am completely convinced after reading this website that washing the product off with Dawn saved our pets’ lives. If you have used the drops on your pets and have found this post it may not be too late!! Wash and scrub with Dawn until you can’t smell the chemicals and if they continue having symptoms then consult your vet. Unfortunately I can’t claim that this will work for everyone as every animal and situation is different, but I can honestly say I don’t think our babies would still be with us if we hadn’t taken action so it’s at least worth a try. Using this evil product was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life and I truly hope that posting this will save more than a few lives and a lot of heartbreak. Good luck to you all and my sincerest condolences to anyone who has lost a cherished friend as a result of using Hartz.

Tamsen & Nathaniel
Poof, Lexi, Cloud, and Meow Meow

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  1. If you don’t have Dawn you can STILL wash this stuff off. GLAD you were able to save your babies!!! I had the same problem with my cat — I called the emergency vet who told me to IMMEDIATELY put her under the shower — and wash everything off — it worked. Whew!! You don’t need Dawn — if you DO have it– fine but a warm shower is IMMEDIATE and very helpful as well– and if the animal STILL shows signs of distress– take it to the Vet IMMEDIATELY — this poisonous flea killing stuff works Very Fast on the nervous system and can kill the pet (large or small) in minutes. PS — a few weeks later my co worker ran to me and said “My husband just put Sergeants” (which seems to be just as bad as Hartz in the pet-killing department) “on our five cats and they are all having a bad reaction!! ” I told him to put them under the shower. We got a phone call a few minutes later– the cats were getting back to normal after they had been put under the shower– Whew!!!

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