Hartz is dangerous! DO NOT USE! Harmful ingredients!

This is a fair warning to all pet owners. Hartz makes false claims. Their shampoo Groomer’s Best tearless extra gentle puppy shampoo is FAR from being “extra gentle” since it burned and blistered my puppy’s entire back. Within one day of applying the shampoo my pup was blistering and bleeding! Some of the shampoo ended up going into her ear and she was bleeding out of her ear. I took her to the vet and it ended up costing me $400! The vet told me to never use any of their products. I was SO EMBARRASSED that I used this horrendous shampoo on my one year old pup. It has been 2 months of recovery and she is finally somewhat back to normal. Hartz is evil and I already have a claim with them. They seemed to be pretty calm about this situation when I explained it to them. I threatened them with a lawyer but they did not seem too alarmed and had a regular procedure to handle cases like mine. Am I the only one who doesn’t see this as a problem? Doesn’t that make you nervous and wonder how often this happens to dogs?! I researched the ingredients and 3 came up as irritants/ carcinogens! How is that even legal?! Also I don’t believe a shampoo should have close to 30 ingredients with words that I cannot comprehend without google. I am going after Hartz and ordering them to pay for the damages. Protect your pets from this corrupt company that has false advertising! The company Hartz has no heart!

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