Burned patch on cat

While my sister was visiting she noticed that my 10 year old cat was scratching himself and suggested us to get him something for fleas. Since we have a dog we thought it would be wise to get them both something for it. Went to the local store and picked up Hartz UltraGuard Plus Flea and Tick Drops around late march for my cat and also for my large dog. We decided to wait till they were bathed and dried to put it on them. I did my cat first because my dog is a little more difficult to bathe. At first nothing happened and after bathing the dog I ended up forgetting about it. Two days later I notice a burn/bald patch on my cat exactly where I put the “medicine” and decide to look it up. It is a SHAME that this crap is still being sold. Thank goodness my cat only was burned and I forgot to give my dog his dose.

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