Hartz Shampoo killed my 3 year old dog

Around March 3 I gave my dog a bath with Hartz ultra guard flea & tick dog shampoo UPC 032700022990. Agee days later he stopped eating on a Wednesday. By Friday I took him to the Vet. His liver labs came back as off the charts. He spent the weekend (3 nights) in the hospital. They suspected leptospirosis. I picked him up Monday and still not eating. By Wednesday he was in liver failure. Follow up visit showed he was in liver failure and last night I had to put him down. I’m certain the Phenothrine in the shampoo essentially killed him. He lost about 10lbs, would not eat, and none of the medications he was on could save him. When he started shaking and could barely stand, and throwing up slimy slime and pooping dark liquid, we had to do what was right after facing the reality with the vet.

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