Hartz Flea Collar

My kitties are all indoor cats, I rescued them all at about 2 weeks old, they’ve never stepped foot outside. In Aug 2016 my little Mozart got out one night and I found him just a couple of hours later, however within a few days I realized he brought some unwanted “guests” back home with him and of course the other 2 cats got fleas as well. Due to financial struggles at the time, I decided to go with the Hartz flea collar as it was a fraction of the cost I normally spend at the vet and it’s been around forever right? What could possibly go wrong?

Purchased the collars, put them on and went about my evening. The next morning (less than 12 hours after putting their collars on), I awoke to Mozart yelping ….ran out of bed into the living room to find my baby with no fur, ZERO, around his entire neck and his skin had broken out so bad around the area of the collar that you would think someone had poured acid on him. He was hot to the touch (when he would actually let me touch him) so it took me forever to get him into his crate to rush him to the vet.

He was having a horrible allergic reaction that actually caused a very high fever which in the end cost me over $200 to treat (between ALL the shots and meds the vet had to give him) not to mention the broken heart of watching and listening to this baby writhe in pain. Thankfully, within a week’s time my little “MoMo” was back to his old self and ironically the other two cats never had any type of reaction at all (I, of course immediately removed the other 2 collars as soon as I got home from the vet). I contacted Hartz and of course they denied any wrong doing. I sent them paperwork from the vet’s office clearly showing the diagnosis as an allergic reaction to the flea collar and pictures of the damage to his neck/skin/fur and never heard back from anyone again. This company should be sued and put out of business IMMEDIATELY!

To those that have lost your pets, my heart goes out to you and I offer my deepest sympathies. My Mozart helped me get through the loss of both my parents (who passed a month apart), I don’t know what I would have done if anything had happened to him because of that collar.

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