Hartz harmed our cat.

I used Hartz topical flea and tick medicine on our cat Rocky in 2015. We had always used name brand but I bought Hartz thinking because it was cheaper maybe it just wouldn’t work but never thinking it could hurt him. A few minutes after putting it on he started acting strange running around the house, hissing, running his head into me over and over , and panting like crazy . We called the emergency vet (it was a Friday night after normal vet hours) and as soon as I told them what we used they said it was unsafe and to was him with dawn dish soap. The chemicals had already burned his skin where we put it on and our boy who HATES baths/water just layed there letting us wash it off. Thankfully I believe washing it off so quickly stopped any other symptoms but I was worried sick all night and felt so guilty. If I would have left the house after putting it on or if he would have hid rather than come to me I believe he would have died, based on what I have read and how quickly his symptoms came on. I tried to contact Hartz via Facebook with no response…. In fact after posting my story to their wall to warn other owners I couldn’t find it making me think it was deleted. I cannot believe this product can still be sold, so many people have lost their pets.

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  1. I left them a comment on Facebook to the same effect today. A few hours later, I went to check their page again, only to find that my comment had been deleted and I had been blocked from commenting on their page.

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