A couple of things…

First of all, I am a pet owner and they are my family and my life.

Second, after having spent literally 2-3 hrs reading the posts on this website, I notice a reoccurring theme: many folks lost their pets due to being hesitant about getting their pet to a vet ASAP or as soon as they realized their pet was in distress. My own vet has a sticker on the back window of his car (a Subaru Forester) that says “If you can’t afford the vet, you can’t afford the pet”. And as much as I know I risk horribly offending MANY of the folks who have posted here…I have to agree. I am not a person of unlimited access to money, for myself OR my pets, but I do recognize and accept that I have a responsibility to provide the pets I adopt with necessary medical care when they require it and preventative care on a regular basis. To do otherwise is irresponsible. Our pets are our “children” in more ways than one and just because they are not human doesn’t mean they deserve less attention to their health and well-being than any human children do. If your pet’s needs conflict with other financial priorities, then you need to give serious thought to why you have a pet and if you are really being the best possible “parent” you can be to your pet.

Third, so many folks who have posted here profess all I can assume to be is profound ignorance about the responsibilities of pet ownership, besides the obvious financial responsibilities. If you had a human child infected with head lice (a fairly rampant epidemic in many areas), would you not research the remedy extensively before purchasing it and applying it to your child’s skull? Most insect killers, as MANUFACTURED, are extreme neurotoxins…they disable the insects’ nervous system, rendering them unable to move. Do some research into Xyklon B (manufactured by Dow Chemical, used by the Nazi’s to kill Jews) and DDT, which was banned in USA in the 60’s. Most modern day insecticides are derivatives…is there any wonder Hartz recommends you use use gloves and perhaps a breathing mask when applying these chemicals to your pets or household? And for goodness sake, why would ANYONE use a product unsafe for human adults or children on their pets????

That being said, yes this company should be disallowed from selling their products, which have been amply been shown to cause death to the very beings they advertise to care about and want to help…that’s a given, for me. Informed pet owners, with the help of their vets, have revealed that this company has no regard for pets’ lives.

I may have lost the lives of pets due to use of Hartz products in the past, and because I have learned so much about the dangers of this manufacturers products, I plan to question my vet closely about this issue next time I visit, which should be soon as one of my cats is 16 yrs old and suffers from thyroid issues (must be medicated 2x a day).

But, to conclude, what I am seeing here on this web site, for the most part, is folks who (for one reason or another), subjected their pets to a low cost fix which ended up costing them (and their pets’ lives or health) horribly. We all have 20-20 hindsight…if I woulda, I coulda.

I just hope that folks that have posted here have learned from their very obvious mistakes and realized that trying to save a couple of bucks, no matter how precious those bucks may seem to be at the time, are not worth the cost of losing a family member and dearly loved companion…my heart goes out to all of them, because the one huge theme that runs though all the posts is huge guilt for having unknowingly have killed their much loved pet.

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    1. I agree this person is making it worse some people can’t even afford to go to the doctors themselves an wouldn’t think twice about using a product that is in every grocery isle in America!

  1. Firstly, why would you come on a website for people who are trying to spread awareness about their mistake and rub it in their face? I think they all know very well that they made a mistake, and don’t need someone up on their high horse to rub their faces in said mistake.

    Secondly, as a human I will often buy knockoff versions of medications as they are usually just as effective as the original. It’s easy to make the same assumption for animal medications when someone believes everyone should care about their pets as much as they do for family. It’s easy to assume the medication is safe when the human equivalent is.

    Thirdly, how do you know what anyone’s life circumstances are? How do you know that they chose to get a pet when they couldn’t afford the vet bill? Personally I had a fantastic career and decided to get a new family member. Since then circumstances came up and I lost that career along with my savings. Should I give away my family member now while I’m struggling financially? Luckily I do have family to help me if I needed it, but if I didn’t I still wouldn’t give my girl up. Especially since my financial issues are temporary.

    Finally, I just think you need to find something better to do with your time.

  2. This post is most certainly not helpful. Mistakes happen and people are very aware of them once they do. Nobody wants to lose their pet like this or have them seriously hurt.

    We spoil our dog terribly and he has quite a comfy life. Yet today we bathed him with a Hartz shampoo as his other seemed to dry out his skin. About 10 minutes later he is vomiting all over the place, hollering at the top of his lungs, and then went lifeless.

    I’m currently at the vet waiting while he is being examined and furiously trying to research what could have happened to get any info I can, and then I discovered this site. This is really the last thing people need when dealing with the possible loss of a pet.

    Offer suggestions and alternatives, not finger pointing and telling people it is their fault. Sometimes mistakes just happen or people aren’t aware. I sure as hell wasn’t. It was a basic regular shampoo if that is what caused this, not even a flea specific one.

  3. Your post is so full of contradictions and misinformation that I just stopped reading it. Who are you to judge why someone chose to use a certain product. Hartz has a long history of brand recognition. If pet owners read, and knew what every chemical ingredient was, they would be chemists, now wouldn’t they. I am a college educated, responsible pet owner and a Hartz product killed my pet. He actually died after 12 hours of Vet care so don’t accuse me of not seeking treatment. The bottom line is Hartz is manufacturing DANGEROUS products that they KNOW CONSISTENTLY HURTS OR,KILLS ANIMALS. I HAVE NEVER BOUGHT ANOTHER HARTZ PRODUCT SINCE AND NO ONE ELSE SHOULD EITHER.

  4. Your an idiot and so is your vet I don’t care how uch money you have or anyone else for that matter who can afford vet care or not how many animals are in shelters just needing a home hoping not to be killed even poor people can still feed and love their pets they just can’t afford vet cares I mean with prices ranging from $100 and up its a pain especially if they have other people to care for but guess what many low income families have very healthy pets so don’t tell people if they can’t afford they shouldn’t own it I say if you can love it, feed it, care for it then go for it

  5. You have a lot of nerve sitting in judgement of others. Clean up your own house before you start pointing fingers! The balls!!!!

  6. I second the comment of the people here who said you’re insensitive at best. from the sound of the stories, it happens quickly – within minutes and most pets don’t like being bathed so its not necessarily that they delayed vet care, as much as not understanding what was happening. Your pet is fine, healthy, normal – you bath them and their behavior becomes erratic?

    These people lost their pet due to the negligence of a shampoo made for pets – shame on you for trying to shame the victims. Nobody expects their pet shampoo to kill their pet.

  7. Uh, this is a report page about how a company is killing pets with a product owners bought off the store shelf in good faith. How about blaming Hartz instead of the folks trying to care for their pets?
    Judge much?
    P.S. Vet care is almost unaffordable for people with good jobs, which I have. You show an appalling lack of sympathy and empathy for people who have already had the worst heartbreak imaginable.

  8. Thank you for your post. These products should be taken off the shelves. Bathing an animal in pesticides and poison cannot be safe no matter what brand recognition Hartz has. See your vet rather than putting this stuff on your pet just to save money.

  9. You don’t know other people’s circumstances. What if they recently lost their job? Should they get rid of their pet because of that? Animals get attached to their humans and it would be very stressful and hurtful to the pet when their owner gives them away. I know my boys who I’ve had for 12 and 15 years would have broken hearts if I did that. Right now I’m fine financially but you never know what can happen in the future. I’m glad to have found this site today so I could be aware but I didn’t know before today this could happen. I’d be devastated if I accidentally killed my boys with this poison. People are here because they are mourning their pets and the last thing they need is to have someone pointing the blame at them. It’s good to know you’re so perfect that you can sit in judgement of everyone. I’m here because of a Facebook post I read and I wanted to fact check and see if this has happened to more people. Get over yourself lady.

  10. What? You come on her making people feel worse for not researching a well known name and then you admit to losing pets to Hartz as well. So your putting people down for doing the same thing you did? Geez, get over yourself.

  11. I would really want to know What is safe to use then.? Not much choice . I just bought the shampoo now I don’t want to use it ,but my pet needs something……..? DOG.. Pom..help!

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