Hartz Ear Mite Medicine

1 year ago I had recently rehomed a young female kitten. She was digging at her ears so I picked up some HARTZ ear mite medicine. I had a 15 pound male house cat already. He is my best buddy. Since I had had her a couple of weeks already I have him some drops as a preventative. Two days later he stopped eating or drinking, couldn’t walk and was crying in pain. I took him to my vet. His temp was 105. As soon as I told him what I had given him he knew he was poisoned. He gave him fluids and some antibiotics but didn’t have much hope. The vet told me to never use HARTZ products under any circumstances. I cried so much the next few days knowing I had done this to him. It took 7 days and $300 in vet billz before he started to get better. HARTZ needs to be put out of business.

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  1. Ear drops of any type CAN BE detrimental to susceptible animals. My experience was with a broad spectrum called gentamycin (so?). Administered to my BLIND DOG and within a minute she was rolling on the ground and clearly distressed. She went completely DEAF FROM THIS PRODUCT.!
    Manufacturer told me it’s “rare but can happen”!
    PLEASE READ ALL LABELS. My poor girl was then blind, deaf and frequently disoriented. Even blind she was amazing and brave but the added deafness pushed her over the edge and greatly diminished her quality of life…and ours because at that point she became 100% dependent on us. Never again!

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