Around a bit over a year ago, I made the mistake of giving my cat Hartz topical flea medicine. I had for years used Frontline and never had a problem Within minutes my beautiful healthy cat went into spasms. Within minutes my daughter looked up Hartz topical flea medicine on the internet and found many websites reporting the dangers of their product. My daughter and I immediately put my cat in a bath and tried desperately to wash the Hartz product off. However it was to late, my cat was never the same. Slowly he deteriorated and started drinking large amounts of water. Showing signs of kidney failure. Today I am home with my beautiful cat “Boy” and he is now on deaths door. I know if I had not given my cat Hartz topical flea killer he would still be a happy cat today. If he makes it through the night I will bring him to the vet to be euthanized. I have decided to make it my mission to make sure that no company carries Hartz products. (Especially there flea collars, and topical flea killer. NOTE WALMART & CVS IS A MAJOR CARRIER OF HARTZ PRODUCTS. TODAY I FILED A COMPLAINT WITH WALMART AND CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHY THEY SALE THEIR PRODUCTS. IF YOU HAVE THE TIME PLEASE FILED A COMPAINT WITH WALMART. THERE MAIN NUMBER IS 1800 925 6278

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