Even the Spray is Dangerous

My little male minpin had a female dog friend with fleas that visited and left some fleas behind because we started to get immediately bitten after playing with her, so I went through the ritual vacuuming, laundering and bought a spray for the furniture- Hartz. Since I always Frontline our dog in the summer, he never has a chance to get any fleas, so the spraying was something we had never done, but we wanted to attack the problem aggressively before it had a chance to get out of hand. Within hours our little dog was acting strangely. He just wanted to sleep and sleep. This wasn’t that out of character because he is older and sometimes gets tuckered, but when he suddenly couldn’t seem to muster enough strength just to walk up one step, I knew something was very very wrong. (We often do the exercise outdoor stairs near our home, so this was strange indeed). He was just as other posters have stated “wobbly.” I looked at the spray bottle (since I hadn’t treated him yet with Frontline), and lo and behold, this brand Hartz pops up as having been responsible for the death of countless cats and dogs!! What the hell??!! WHY is this still on the market if it’s killing pets and why hasn’t Hartz been held responsible for this since the Stern family (owners) are worth billions?? We immediately washed our little guy and are keeping him in a room where the poison wasn’t sprayed while we wash anything that the Hartz poison touched and scheduling steamcleaning for the furniture, but I am PISSED! What the holy FUCK are these people who are making and selling this crap to unsuspecting consumers thinking?? Is this some kind of sick plot to decrease the pet population?? The stories are horrendous and heartbreaking! We are lucky that we caught this early and are elminiating this agent orange murder spray from our home. It will now cost us hundreds of dollars, if not more, to get rid of this spray that we put on our furnishings and textiles. I am disgusted and furious. HARTZ IS SCUM AND SHOULD BE HELD LIABLE FOR THESE ANIMAL DEATHS, INJURIES, LACK OF PRODUCT WARNINGS, PAIN AND FINANCIAL LOSSES!! How this hasn’t happened already is just dumbfounding!

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