My Cat is a Victim

About 3 or so Months ago I bought This “Ultra Guard” collar , I put it on both of my cats but one of them took it off so he is fine but right now I just noticed that my cat had a raw spot right under his collar so I took the Collar off and it was worse than I thought. I was wondering why he has been so hostile lately he has been hissing at anything that comes near him he has even started attacking our Pit Bull prior to this he was so sweet .. I thought is because he is looking to “get laid” he is so fluffy that I didnt even expect this , with the collar on you couldn’t even tell until he was in front of me looking up I am so disappointed that this crap is still being sold I had no idea …. No wonder he didn’t let me touch him. Something has to be done about this, what is their excuse ? Why aren’t they taking these things off the shelves I for sure will NEVER buy anything from that Brand I wish I would have known Prior to Buying it .

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  1. This is freaking TRAGIC! Heartache aside, there’s the trauma of the exorbitant vet bills — especially when the treatments don’t save the pet(s). ONE WONDERS WHY affected pet owners don’t INITIATE A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT AGAINST HARTZ — PUNITIVE DAMAGES, PAIN & SUFFERING, ETC., INCLUDED !!!

    The toxins in the flea preventative products are one thing– moreover, some have cited problems with certain litter box deodorizer agents. Given the feedback from consumers, I’m now LIVING IN DREAD FEAR OF HARTZ “NO-DOR” LITTER BOX DEODORANT (LIQUID) SPRAY.

    I’ve been using this product for about two years. It is, supposedly, safe to apply directly to litter — and so far, I’ve not noticed any negative impacts on my cat’s (2) health. STILL, given the negative reviews re: so many Hartz products, I’m concerned about the long term effects. HAS ANYONE OUT THERE experienced any negative effects while/after using this product?
    Would be most appreciative of any feedback, whether negative or positive. Thanks for your attention.

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