Our Cat

Our cat Harley Quinn Davidson had gotten a few fleas over late summer 2017, and seemed to do okay with the drops, took care of the problem on him and in the house, up until a few days ago assuming someone had come into the house with fleas and had bought one of the Hartz flea and tick collar’s for him and put it on a day after getting it, my boyfriend noticed something on his neck and the collar hasn’t been on for even a full 2 days, seen immediate irritation and what looks like a possible burn mark. We don’t have that kind of money just to be able to take him to our vet or emergency vet. We cleaned it ourselves and put some antibiotic on him, so far he is acting normal, but is being watched closely for any signs of other damages, I am so angry with Hartz, I too will tell anyone and everyone not to buy their products, we won’t be anymore.

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  1. I had a chi/yorkie dog. He was only 15lbs. I applied the flea and tick spray. Same things happened he got sick 10 minutes after applying the product. Thank God he made it thru. NEVER HARTZ

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