Lost my cat using the Hartz Flea drops

This was back in 2000. I ourchased the drops and followed directions. Within 24 hours he started weezing and drooling and and became limp. We took him into the vet and brought the packaging with us. The moment she saw the package she looked at us and straight up asked “You didn’t use this did you?” Crying we said yes…..Z was diagnosed with “toxicity” Everyday we’d take him to vet in the morning and they were trying to flush and transfuse new blood into him. He lasted 8 days. I have harbored a horrible guilt, and sadness that can not be explained. He wound up dying in my arms. As I cried saying how sorry I was, he just looked at me, of it’s all right, I wont hurt anymore…..I still cry to this day. When I am at the store in the pet aisle and see people looking at ANY Hartz product, I tell them the story of Z. They ALL thank me. Hartz is NOT regulated through ANY fed agency. They can do whatever they want! 🙁

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