2 more victims of Hartz

It has been an eventful and emotional day and I’d like to take some time to warn everyone of the product pictured. Today we put Hartz flea medicine on both of the cats after noticing Karma had a flea on her. Within seconds of putting this on both cats they begin to get very restless and were clearly agitated. Soon after catching Karma I noticed her skin where the product had been placed was bloody and red. Immediately we took her to the sink and started washing her. She continued to breath very heavy and cry. We rushed to Jinx the other cat to find her just as upset but no red marks. We put both in carriers and rush them to the animal hospital across the road. On the way Jinx began to drool and her eyes were heavy and watery. As soon as we got there both were taken back for a bath. The vet told us that we couldn’t had gotten there sooner that any longer they would have started to have seizures and ultimately it could have killed them although they are not completely safe yet. At the moment they are still being watched and the treatment is ongoing. I hate this happened and I’m ashamed that a company would sell this stuff and that I bought it at Walmart. I hope that this post will save many pets from going through this ordeal. Feel free to share and please keep us and Jinx and Karma in your prayers. 🙁 I cant think of anything but posting and warning everyone and everywhere I can think of.

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