CAUTION: Read Entire Label; Then STOP

I love my buddy, Morty, and I can’t stand to see him being tortured by these little bugs. It’s only been a week but that’s 7 days too long as far as I’m concerned.

I’m so glad I stopped and read the entire label before using it on him. As I read on; the labeling warnings, hazards, and side effects scared me out of using it. I thought: if I can’t use this on myself then I won’t use it on him either. I already don’t give him tap water to drink because I won’t drink it, it’s toilet water. I’ll find another way. Going to get some unscented liquid soap and bathe him.

Don’t poison your buddy, people.

3 Replies to “CAUTION: Read Entire Label; Then STOP”

  1. Good move. I know from experience…and it was a bad experience.
    Try Dawn soap. Fleas absolutely hate Dawn and you’ll be happy with the results. Get a flea comb and check carefully and regularly and bathe Morty in Dawn soap. You’ll be happy.

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