Cats neck is raw from hartz flea collar

i have four cats all of them are wearing the purple flea collar from hartz. only one of my cats necks is raw from wearing the collar. it wasn’t tight or anything. i don’t have any money to take her to the vet or to an emergency room so i’m not sure what i can do for her until i get money? any ideas??

Hartz = serial killer

Last summer we lost several cats and thought it might be predators as we live in a rural area. This summer again we have lost another half dozen cats… but they died in the house or on the deck. Just keeled over and dead within minutes. Guess what? They don’t die in the winter because we are not using flea stuff at that time. Hartz is probably killing many more than is reported… because the cats go outside and never come back. We are heartbroken, they are our babies, our kids. We treasure them and Hartz obviously could care less. They relabel and away we go. I also think Walmart and the other retailers bear some responsibility. We were using Ultra Guard One Spot (methoprene). Also, the US needs to stop buying Chinese formulations of pet products. Whether tainted wheat gluten or flea stuff, the Chinese don’t care about human or pet lives. Life is cheap for them. We will go with natural treatments from now on.

Clueless about Hartz; Flea, tick and Cat killer?

Hi, I bought the Hartz Ultra Guard Plus flea and tick drops for two stray kittens I had found on the street. They’re around 12 weeks old. I had used Hartz products before no problem. I feel like an idiot for not doing my research as I had just purchased the Flea and Tick drops as the two brothers are infested with fleas and decided to try that.

After applying the drops i noticed the upbeat, always down for affection brother to be lethargic. To make matters worse after I finished applying the solution on both of them they escaped my view for some time and come to when I find them, it appears they’ve licked some of the solution off their backs, although not much as it looked dried.

Started doing my research and was horrified at all the people who lost their pets to these disgusting products. I am so concerned for my two babies. When I found the news, I washed both their mouths and gave them a Dawn dish soap bath. There’s some change in behavior, but the upbeat one seems unusually lethargic. The other brother is as he was before, which is a good sign.

I am worried that I’ll wake up with two dead cats! Is there anything else I can do besides wait? I can’t afford to stay up all night, but I don’t want to neglect them in case they have a reaction. I know some have escaped only with minor reactions but God forbid I wake up and they’re in worse condition.

I’m sorry to all those who lost their best friends to these disgusting products and I will be throwing away every Hartz product I own in the trash where it belongs.

I believe this product poisoned my cat.

I used the product on my carpet, and my cat became lethargic and would just hover over the water bowl and puked for two days. He’s an indoor cat so isn’t exposed to any potential outdoor chemicals. I sprayed this on my carpet and after drying I vacuumed. I had two cats and one dog, unfortunately my sweet cat benjamin got sick and his kidneys failed him. I know it was this product. It’s a cat killer. Now I have to shampoo my carpets so I don’t lose my other cat and dog. Benjamin was family, a void that can’t be filled without him. We are heart broken and I shouldve checked reviews before trying this evil poisoning product. Please dont Use this product. Benjamin will be missed for the rest of our lives. ❤️

Had a solvent / oil smell

I have been buying Oinkies for our 2 Cockapoos and my daughter’s toy poodle for years. Never had an issue before. Bought a 10 quantity bag from our local Drug Mart a few days ago. Usually my two are all over them but this time NO! Our one dog would not even touch it. Initially took it then left it on the floor and walked away. Our second dog, who eats anything…ate a bit of it then also left it. I thought it really odd so I went to the bag, reopened it and smelled. Woooooooooah…..each one had a solvent or oil type of smell. No wonder the dogs are saying nope. I know a few times I have gotten bags with coupons on the outside – instant dollar off – only to find they expired in late 2015. It’s 2017! So I am not sure if there is an expiration date or if Hartz even knows Drug Mart stores are selling really outdated product but I do know one thing….I will never buy another bag of Oinkies for either my dogs or my daughters. Hartz has lost my business because they don’t have a clue what is happening with their products. Typical corporate money making machines, caring less about our family members!

That Was Close

I got my 1 year old cat (his name is Snapdragon) a flea collar today, I put it on him a while ago and everything seemed fine, but then he started itching like crazy and he just seemed to be acting weird! I decided to wait a little longer, but then he started panting and I got really scared and remembered that my mom had once gotten flea collars for our previous two cats Dayden and Felice, they had foamed at the mouth and got really sick, it took them a while to recover, the brand of collar was, you guessed it, Hartz! So I immediately took the collar off Snap and dug the flea collar box out of the trash can to check the brand. It was Hartz Ultra Guard Plus. I’m just so glad that I remembered what had happened to Dayden and Felice when they got Hartz collars, if I hadn’t, my poor baby Snap could’ve gotten sick or worse. I think he’s alright now, but I’ll be watching him very closely all night and all of tomorrow!

Commercial pet treats

So sorry to read about other’s troubles so many years after the first recall. 30+ years ago I had a gorgeous, pure white, Greek angora cat. Gave her a bath in a Hartz product. Had to take her to the vet. Gave our Spitz a Hartz treat, and had to take her to the vet. I have purchased no over-the-counter treats for my pets in at least 30 years until recently, and they are not Hartz. They are an all natural, made-in-the-USA product. My Lab-Shepherd mix really enjoys them, which he gets sparingly. However, 30 years ago I learned, and vowed to never purchase a Hartz product again, and haven’t. Only reason I am even aware of the Oinkies product is that I am dog sitting and the owner insisted that her pet get one a day. I will not give him these treats. Years ago there was a television documentary on how ‘Rawhide” bones are manufactured. Just knowing that any company first cleans and sterilizes their product with bleach and formaldehyde was enough to convince me to make my own treats and jerkies for my pets, which I usually do. They get no wheat or by-product foods; only organic meats with organic veggies mixed in. We haven’t seen cataracts, glaucoma, or diabetes in any of our four-leggeds since. It’s well worth the time to read labels before your purchase, then make your own goodies.

Hart’s UltraGuard Burned My Cat

My 9 year old Calico Abbi had some how gotten fleas. So I decided to buy this product without researching it first. Never again will I make that mistake. Less than 2 weeks later she has a burn around her neck. Somehow some way this company needs to be put out of business!! ASAP!!