Almost Hurt My Cat

I recently just lost a cat because of FIP and I only have one left, her sister. On Sunday, I gave her Hartz flea treatment because in a past couple days she’s been scratching her ears and neck a lot, I am a student so I really hope the cheap treatment would work. After 2 hours, she starts running around, tried to lick the part of her neck where I put the drop and then scratched a lot she pulls a lot of furs, not only that, she starts to flick her feet uncontrollably. So I read a couple of info from the internet and shocked and regret that I was not read it before I buy it, as a research student, I should’ve known this. Six hours after the treatment I force her to the sink and bathed her, and give some Dawn in the area of treatment, I got off most of the grease but the leg flicking and the stress stays until a day after. I brought her to vet on Monday evening, insisted a full blood work. I am still very traumatic from losing a cat. The vet gave her subQ fluid but did not give any medication as she does not have tremor, seizure or even vomiting. I wait anxiously until the toxin dissipate and the leg flicking to be gone. The leg flicking and some muscle spasm stays until day 3 after treatment.

I called the store that sold it and tell the store manager about my story, they took them off the shelves that exact day.

I am maybe far from losing a cat but reading through the stories in this web page I can feel the anger and the sadness for those who lost their pets because of this brand. This should never be used in any pets and I will send the message throughout.

My cat right now is okay, the blood work does not indicate any damage from the toxin, bathed her and get the grease off of her was the right thing to do although she went on hiding afterwards because she hates water. After 3 days, the spasm and flicking is no longer exist, but the lethargy because of the stress is still there. I hope she will be fine and I will never ever use any of the product from Hartz brand anymore.

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