Cats neck is raw from hartz flea collar

i have four cats all of them are wearing the purple flea collar from hartz. only one of my cats necks is raw from wearing the collar. it wasn’t tight or anything. i don’t have any money to take her to the vet or to an emergency room so i’m not sure what i can do for her until i get money? any ideas??

2 thoughts on “Cats neck is raw from hartz flea collar”

  1. So sorry, I understand where you are coming from. I was lucky and got off with a vet bill of only $128.00. I know its still a lot of money BUT well spent.
    However I have 2 cats and I only brought in my oldest as I was able to heal the youngest by washing the wounds with clear fresh war water 3 to 4 times a day, keeping her inside the house and cutting one of my turtle neck sweater to put only the neck part around my cat’s neck so that she would not scratch. I also applied some coconut oil (pure 100% coconut oil) on her wounds. So maybe try that but keep a close eye on her to see if she is eating and voiding properly. Good luck
    Hoping that your cat gets better and if needed that you may find a way to take him to the vet.

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