That Was Close

I got my 1 year old cat (his name is Snapdragon) a flea collar today, I put it on him a while ago and everything seemed fine, but then he started itching like crazy and he just seemed to be acting weird! I decided to wait a little longer, but then he started panting and I got really scared and remembered that my mom had once gotten flea collars for our previous two cats Dayden and Felice, they had foamed at the mouth and got really sick, it took them a while to recover, the brand of collar was, you guessed it, Hartz! So I immediately took the collar off Snap and dug the flea collar box out of the trash can to check the brand. It was Hartz Ultra Guard Plus. I’m just so glad that I remembered what had happened to Dayden and Felice when they got Hartz collars, if I hadn’t, my poor baby Snap could’ve gotten sick or worse. I think he’s alright now, but I’ll be watching him very closely all night and all of tomorrow!

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