I believe this product poisoned my cat.

I used the product on my carpet, and my cat became lethargic and would just hover over the water bowl and puked for two days. He’s an indoor cat so isn’t exposed to any potential outdoor chemicals. I sprayed this on my carpet and after drying I vacuumed. I had two cats and one dog, unfortunately my sweet cat benjamin got sick and his kidneys failed him. I know it was this product. It’s a cat killer. Now I have to shampoo my carpets so I don’t lose my other cat and dog. Benjamin was family, a void that can’t be filled without him. We are heart broken and I shouldve checked reviews before trying this evil poisoning product. Please dont Use this product. Benjamin will be missed for the rest of our lives. ❤️

One thought on “I believe this product poisoned my cat.”

  1. I am so sorry.. these product’s should not be on the market.. Sept 26th I killed my cat with HARTZ ONESPOT flea treatment..

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