Had a solvent / oil smell

I have been buying Oinkies for our 2 Cockapoos and my daughter’s toy poodle for years. Never had an issue before. Bought a 10 quantity bag from our local Drug Mart a few days ago. Usually my two are all over them but this time NO! Our one dog would not even touch it. Initially took it then left it on the floor and walked away. Our second dog, who eats anything…ate a bit of it then also left it. I thought it really odd so I went to the bag, reopened it and smelled. Woooooooooah…..each one had a solvent or oil type of smell. No wonder the dogs are saying nope. I know a few times I have gotten bags with coupons on the outside – instant dollar off – only to find they expired in late 2015. It’s 2017! So I am not sure if there is an expiration date or if Hartz even knows Drug Mart stores are selling really outdated product but I do know one thing….I will never buy another bag of Oinkies for either my dogs or my daughters. Hartz has lost my business because they don’t have a clue what is happening with their products. Typical corporate money making machines, caring less about our family members!

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