Commercial pet treats

So sorry to read about other’s troubles so many years after the first recall. 30+ years ago I had a gorgeous, pure white, Greek angora cat. Gave her a bath in a Hartz product. Had to take her to the vet. Gave our Spitz a Hartz treat, and had to take her to the vet. I have purchased no over-the-counter treats for my pets in at least 30 years until recently, and they are not Hartz. They are an all natural, made-in-the-USA product. My Lab-Shepherd mix really enjoys them, which he gets sparingly. However, 30 years ago I learned, and vowed to never purchase a Hartz product again, and haven’t. Only reason I am even aware of the Oinkies product is that I am dog sitting and the owner insisted that her pet get one a day. I will not give him these treats. Years ago there was a television documentary on how ‘Rawhide” bones are manufactured. Just knowing that any company first cleans and sterilizes their product with bleach and formaldehyde was enough to convince me to make my own treats and jerkies for my pets, which I usually do. They get no wheat or by-product foods; only organic meats with organic veggies mixed in. We haven’t seen cataracts, glaucoma, or diabetes in any of our four-leggeds since. It’s well worth the time to read labels before your purchase, then make your own goodies.

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