It’s not just deadly for pets

About 3 weeks ago, I had a number of what I thought were flea bites all below my knees, they kept getting worse, I went to a local urgent care center, the doctor told me it was scabies, which after 62 years of age, I’d never even heard of it. He prescribed some Permethrin topical lotion along with light dose of Prednisone, from the pharmacy. I started using it, ran out in a few days, then couldn’t get the doctors place to refill it unless I made another appointment. I went to another one, and was also given a scrip for the same thing along with an oral antibiotic. About 2 days later, my entire body from my scalp to the bottom of my feet was covered in thousands of these red, itchy spots, then I got over 1,000 fluid filled blisters, was leaking blood onto my sheets, clothes and almost everything I touched caused by scratching. I had to have a friend of mine take me to a dermatologist, who looked on in shock, brought 3-4 of his nurses in to look, said he’d never seen it that bad. He said the problem was, they prescribed this lotion for the wrong diagnoses, that I never had scabies, rather a type of contact dermatitis. He told me what they gave me causes extreme allergic reactions for many people. Another friend of mine in the medical community sent me all kinds of articles on how this is approved by the FDA for use on humans, when it’s main use is for flea collars and yard sprays. I look like Quasi Modo now, I’ve only ventured outside after midnight, but dressed in long sleeves and pants, wearing gloves. My doctor says it could be this way for months, but he’s put me on a dose of Prednisone that’s over 30 times stronger than the original. It’s caused me to loose about 12 lbs in a few weeks, sleep (if I’m lucky) for only a 30-45 minute catnap a day for 6 days. This is bad stuff, and if you look at the warnings on some of the medical reports I’ve seen, it can cause lower sperm count (never bothered counting them), as well as cause a man to grow man boobs and many, many other pretty bad things and has been known for the death of infants that came in contact with it.

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