Hartz for Cats ultra guard pro Killed Her

my Beautiful Friendly female cat of 3 years Died August 23 because I put Hartz ultra guard pro on her to rid her and me of fleas, she stopped eating and only drank water, I did not notice , as I had 3 bowls of dry food out for her in different places, after several days I petted her and under all her fur was a skeleton of a cat, she lost a lot of weight, I could not get her to a vet as it was Friday night and all the vets were closed weekends, in my small town.
she died Sunday late evening about 8 hours before any veterinarians opened on Monday morning.. I read where so many people had the same thing happen.
I hate Hartzs and want them out of business for selling poison to make a profit..

2 thoughts on “Hartz for Cats ultra guard pro Killed Her”

  1. My sweet cat benjamin just died sunday Oct 22nd 20017 because of this product. He was poisoned and I didn’t know what caused it. I took him to the vet and it was too late. They had to euthanize him. He was puking, wouldn’t eat, would just hover over his water bowl. It was so Painful to watch. His organs slowly shut down. I’m so sorry for your loss. I have been stuck in a pool of guilt since I figured out that it was this product that poisoned him and I didn’t do my research before using it. I hope this company goes down. I’m so sorry for your loss. All we can do is spread the word about this poison to warn other pets owners. To warn parents to keep all of these products away from their children as well. My heart goes out to you and all the others suffering a tragic loss like this.

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