Lost 2 dogs due to this

I had 2 dogs since they were about maybe 2 weeks old. Quicky Lube was 17 when passed, Rocky Road was 14 when he passed. I would use hartzs shampoo just about all there life. Quicky started to grow some huge mass on side of his body. I took to get and they did all kinds of test nothing was wrong with him. Rocky started looking fur in spots(we though it was anxiety) and started having these rash looking red soars. So we went to oatmeal shampoo they made. Quickys lump would get bigger and bigger so I would pay to bring him to the vet over and over to see if he was in any danger. Couldn’t understand why my dogs were this way. Then we got Sylvia Crybaby and I bathed her and she started bitting her self so much and she never has done that. So I talked to a few vets and they asked what I was using I told them they told me to STOP and use selsun blue medicated. Well by the time we realized it was the shampoo all this time it was too late for the boys.

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