HARTZ flea Treatment nnearly KILLED my cat!

I bought a package of HARTZ FLEA TREATMENT strictly for CATS. I followed the instructions, AS DIRECTED.

I didn’t know, trying to PREVENT Fleas, & doing The RIGHT THING

I applied ONE treatment, to my adult cat.
Nearly a half hour later, I checked on her… She was panting! I didnt think anything of it at FIRST (Thought she was playing too hard, with my OTHER CAT)

About 20 mins later, I checked on her… At THIS point, not ONLY was she panting… NOW, she was seizing uncontrollably, panting, and was trying to run away from it.

She ran, & hid in the closet… I went to check on her, NOW… She was panting, seizing, NOW.. her eyes were GLOSSY, & when i tried handling her. She was VICIOUS (Shes EXTREMELY friendly)

I was concerned, picked up my phone and called the vet!

The vet told me, to wash her in DAWN DISH SOAP, then IMMEDIATELY bring her to the ER VETS (Since it was AFTER normal vet buisness hours) We RUSHED her to the nearest Er VET, which is an HOUR away.

The ENTIRE ride, she shook uncontrollably, panting & NOW vomiting!

About 2 min from the vet, she COLLAPSED. .. Then went SILENT!

I was crying, freaking out & screaming “PLEASE DONT TAKE HER TOO!

(Ive lost my Dog, my Dad, & relationship of 5 years ALL THIS YEAR) i couldnt BEGIN to imagine losing her TOO!

My boy friend, who drove me, RUSHED HER inside (so regained my composure, & had a cigarette)

After coming in, waiting for what felt like FOREVER…. The vet came in, and said

“Jordan, you are LUCKY you got here when you DID, we NEARLY lost her! ”

Sobbing, i said “Is she OK?”

The vet said “Luckily, YES… We were able to stabilize her breathing with a breathing tube, we gave her a shot to help with the seizures, & she started breathing on her own again, luckily FAIR QUICKLY ”

They watched her, for about 2 hours…

After what felt like FOREVER, the vet came out… Handed me my kitty cat, explained her discharge instructions , & sent her home with medicine

The ver bill, was $225! I had to chose, “Do I pay my ELECTRIC BILL, to AVOID disconnection?”
OR do i pay the $225, to the Vets, who JUST SAVED MY CATS LIFE!

The toughest decision yet, I HAD to pay the $225

I ABSOLUTELY WANT/NEED to be reimbursed, at least JUST for vet costs

NOTHING I did was wrong, she DID NOT lick it, the reaction, all through the skin.. NEARLY KILLED HER

THE VETS… referred me, to CONTACT HARTZ,

Does ANYBODY reading this, KNOW WHO TO CALL.. EMAIL. or contact information to file a law suit, or reimbursement!

My name is Jordan Peace, from Rochester NH!

Please contact me by Email at [email protected]

5 thoughts on “HARTZ flea Treatment nnearly KILLED my cat!”

  1. Their phone number according to the package is 1-800-275-1414
    Ignore the asshole who also commented. Some people have sad lives and their lives suck so much that they sit and troll the Internet to find people they can try to bring down so they aren’t the only miserable people
    Glad your cat pulled through

  2. It is so sad to read these stories of cats and dogs dying from Hartz flea and tick shampoo, collars and drops and other products and that Hartz is still selling this garbage! I am thankful that people posted their experiences to warn others not to use Hartz products. I have a bottle of Hartz flea and tick cat shampoo and now no way will I put this on my 2 cats! It is going in the garbage. I feel heartbroken for the people whose pets were killed by Hartz products and the suffering they went through plus the huge vet bills. The ingredients in these products made in China are obviously very toxic and should be banned. Have you no ethics Hartz? Step up to the plate and demonstrate some integrity!

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