Bad stuff for ears

I purchased this at Wal Mart and used for approx two days on my elderly cat. I check her ears often because they seem to often be dirty in the insides with brown, crumbly, discharge. I figured I would give this a try before I headed to the vet again (she was already treated once and we gave her ear drops for weeks). I checked her ears like I normally do and found them both very red, one more than the other. There was crusty, flaky around the inside and outside of her ear. The ear was so filled I could not see in it. I went from being able to swab her ear, to her yelling in pain when I touched it. The edges of her ear were beginning to bleed. She did not act herself. She normally talks back when you talk to her. Her ears even felt hot, like the meds were trying to eat through the skin. I took her to the vet first thing Monday morning. We found out she has bacterial and yeast infection and it was not mites, however this product still should not have been so evasive. She is doing much better now and it has cleared up.

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