Lost My Kitty – My Buddy

On August 28, 2017 at 5 p.m. I treated my 17.5 year old cat Pierre for fleas with Hartz Ultraguard. Within 3 minutes of putting the spot treatment on his neck he went into shock. He went over and laid in the corner of the room and was barely able to walk. I had this kitty since he was 6 weeks old and he was very much my little shadow. He was strictly an inside cat and I apparently carried the fleas into the house to him on my leather shoes. When I got up on August 29, 2017 to check on him he was still laying the same place he had been all night, never ate, drank and had grown weaker during the night. I sat with him and stroked his head and paws and he was weakly meowing. He could not even stand up and he only turned over once during that morning. I called my vet and told them I would be bringing him to be euthanized and why, they said they had a cat in the clinic the previous week with the same poisoning from this flea control product. It did survive as it wasn’t as old and they had to flush it’s system out with an IV to remove the poison. I had to have him euthanized that day at 12:30 p.m. so that means he only lived less than 24 hours after using this product. I want to know why this product with 268 reported deaths and illnesses on Consumer Affairs to pets and humans is being kept on the shelves of retail stores and sold online as a safe product. I will NEVER buy another product made my HARTZ as my heart breaks every time I think of my Pierre. PLEASE Do NOT use this product as it is knows to kill pets. HARTZ shame on you killing our beloved pets when we in fact think we are helping them.

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  1. My poor cat is dealing with the same thing right now ☹️ I didn’t notice until she had the collar on for a week or so and her whole neck is covered in bloody scabs and her fur has fallen out. ☹️ She’s covered in kids polysporin now with a little scarf and socks so she can’t itch and she seems happy so far. Poor kitties ☹️☹️☹️

  2. HARTZ ONESPOT ULTRAGUARD Flea treatment.. killed my friend… I understand the feeling to well.. how can they sell this stuff… knowing that it kills.. are loving pets.. I guess money is more important… so sorry for your loss

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