Concerned Pet Owner

I just like everyone else purchased the Hartz flea collar for my cat. She suffered burns from the collar. It was not on tight nor did it stop her fleas. I now have her sitting in my lap content with a wet towel around her neck. I plan on taking her to the vet asap. My heart breaks that I caused this unknowningly by buying a product that I thought would help her.

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  1. On exactly 9 days ago on a saturday, I purhased Hartz Oinkies wrapped in bacon. I gave one to both of my dogs that day. Everything was fine to my knowledge. I gave them another one on Sunday night. Around 4:30am on monday my german shepard mix starts thowing up, but not like normal vomit, but it is a huge pile of chunks! It appeared to be the dog treats I gave her. Within another maybe thirty minutes she is puking more chunks, not as much but still a lot! I already decided that I would never give her these treat again! Well a couple days passed and she didn’t puke in the house and I didn’t notice any vomit around outside. On wednesday around noon, she is puking again! At this point she had not had anymore treats, and nothing in her diet had changed except the treats I had given her a few days prior. I called the vet and explained, they said restrict food for a day and if it does not get better I can bring her in if I wish. They didn’t seem too concerned though. After doing some research and discovering how harmful these are to animals, I am now worried sick. Today is the nine day mark and she threw up today and she also threw up yesterday. I noticed her eating a lot of grass lately too, I know dogs can do that to make themselves puke, but is it serious enough to take her to the vet?? She has been acting completely normal and happy, but I am worried something is wrong. Does anyone else have any experiences similar with these treats???

  2. I would never give my dogs store treats-only organic ones-so cut those treats out please! Also-if you can feed your baby boiled chicken and rice for a few days this will help settle her/his tummy

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