Rottweiler lost all of her hair

Saw this product on the shelf, thought nothing of it, needed flea medication. Brought it home and applied it to my dogs neck, not as the packaging said of course, the packaging said to put it all the way down to the base of her tail, thank goodness I didn’t listen to that, you don’t ever want a dog or cat to be able to inject flea medication. So I applied it how it should be applied, to the back of neck where they can’t reach. This stuff stunk pretty bad, they usually do, but this one was a stronger smell, burnt the nostrils. Watched her and she seemed to be getting very itchy. I knew something was up so I decided to wash it off. Within the week she had no hair left where I applied the poison. I would go in to pet her and every bit of hair I touch came up with him hand. And she didn’t lose any fleas, it didn’t do anything for the fleas. It’s dog poison, not flea poison. So I took her outside, and washed her wish dawn, and that got rid of most of the fleas.

One thought on “Rottweiler lost all of her hair”

  1. Same problem, different day. Our cat’s hair came out in clumps and she really got sick. And the stink! Poor cat was miserable for more than a week. Hartz, go to he!!

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