Almost lost my girl

Gave my cat the Hartz flea & tick drop & within 20 minutes she was seizing and foaming out the mouth uncontrollably! Definitely wish I would’ve done my research. This product is poison and should be banned!!!! I’ve gotten lucky & my cat made it through the night. but it’s a shame how something as simple as treating your cat for fleas can turn so deadly. Do not use hartz products on your fur babies.


I used hartz flea & tick topical liquid a few hours later I noticed Oreo wasn’t acting right I called the vet & they said bring him in immediately we rushed him to the vet after 2 baths in dawn dish liquid he just wouldn’t stop shaking the vet prescribed a muscle relaxer & sent him home he had Burns where the medicine was put we weren’t even able to touch him because it was to painful for him. Next he started refusing to eat & vomiting called the vet again & they gave me meds to help & to get plain chicken or Turkey baby food he ate that only 1 time then refused to eat again finally we changed his food & he started to eat again. I would have never would have thought putting that stuff on him could be so deadly but lucky for us Oreo pulled through. If you’re reading this please never put this stuff cause you might not be so lucky