Biggest mistake

On behalf of Jack and Pita this stuff needs to be banned!!

My little furbabies Jack(1.5 year old male) and Pita(10 month old male) were having a slight flea issue. Flea collars didn’t seem to be helping at all, and neither one of them would allow me to bathe them with Dawn dishsoap. Went to the store a couple of days ago and debated between using a flea powder or drops.(Yes this was in the pet aisle at local chain store, will never ever do that again.) Plenty of flea powder stuff everywhere, but I noticed that all of the topical drops were sold out except for this one package of Hartz Ultraguard Pro flea and tick for cats. I just figured everyone else was having issues too and they all went with the drops, so I grabbed the last flea drop package there was.

Applied the drops to both cats on their back of their necks around 10pm, noticed right away the horrible smell of these drops and even I was nauseated from it. Within 5 minutes I noticed both cats were able to get to that spot on their necks with their back paws. Immediately after scratching that spot they would lick their paws. Fear started to kick in then. I tried to rinse out their mouths with water from an eyedropper, which wasn’t very effective.

Jack my black cat then went up unto the windowsill to chill like he usually does. Pita my tuxedo cat suddenly started to get very excitable and within a few minutes was bouncing off the walls. I just chalked it up that the smell was driving him nuts, as I can’t imagine how pungent that smell is to them. It has to be worse than what I could smell, and they can’t geaway from it.

While Pita is bouncing off the walls, Jack comes down from the window and comes up by me. Jack’s eyes were weeping down his face like he was crying. His eyes were half open but his eyes were so dilated all you saw was black. First thought was omg this stuff made him blind. He then let out this very low heartwrenching meow and then my thoughts were OMG I JUST KILLED MY CAT and I started bawling. Scooped up Jack and placed him on my lap and just petted him, he was very limp at that point and did not move. Jack was a feral cat, he’s come a long ways but still does not like sitting on laps, so this just confirmed my fear that he was dying.

After about 5 more minutes, Jack started to perk up somewhat. His eyes weren’t so dilated( I could actually see the iris now). I was then able to gather my composure and then got the instinct to try to wash this crap off of them. I knew neither one of them would allow me to bathe them, so got towels sopping wet. Started off with Jack who was more than willing to let me wipe him down which that in itself is odd because he hates that as much as a bath. While finishing up with Jack, Pita started to run out of energy from bouncing around everywhere. I was then able to get Pita washed down with no problems at that point, he loves that. After I get done with both of them my fears started to kick in again as Jack who is getting better by the minute and Pita both were both licking themselves dry. All I could hope for was I was able to wash enough of that crap off.

All seemed well for the nex hour. Jack seemed to be getting back to normal but a little on the slow side and jumpy from noises. Pita was still excitable at times. He was panting a few times for a minute or two at a time, not sure from the drops or from all of the running around, he had no other symptoms.

Both had an episode of loose stools right around midnight that night about 20 minutes apart. They both slept amazing well that night, I didn’t, I kept waking up to make sure they were alive. Reading reviews after the fact terrified me. I should have read reviews first. Will do so from now on with these kind of products.
Pita did vomit once in the morning. I think coincidentally he just had to hack up a hairball lol. Half food, half hairball and he had further issues with vomitting after that

Now 48 hours later they both seem like their normal selves. They’re both eating and drinking fine. They are both losing fur on their back of the necks where the drops were applied, hopefully that doesn’t get too worse.

Coincidentally they both still have fleas lol.

Reading reviews, my heart breaks for all of you who have lost your furbaby over these drops, I can’t imagine. It was horrifying thinking my cats were dying for just those few minutes that seemed like forever. I was lucky it turned around quickly but it could have went the other way and I could have lost them both.

This stuff needs to banned!! I thought having fleas was torture for the cats but after what they went through with this, this was far more torturous. It’s inhumane!!! Remove this toxic crap from the shelves, no cat or dog should have to go through this.

3 thoughts on “Biggest mistake”

  1. My cats have the same symptoms. we used Profender Deworming. My youngest cat Is still suffering, while my oldest is still fine. I used Prosense on the oldest. My youngest is having these symptoms:
    *can’t keep food down
    * can’t take 3 steps without panting for air
    and so on.

  2. This also happened to my beautiful kitty. I did not know my husband had used this product but she looked miserable. I also put her in my lap and she stayed without movement- as an adapted barn kitty she was not keen on sitting still in a lap or being help. I knew this was odd. I found out he had used this product- the vet did nothing and did not admit it was the product. She recovered!!!!!!! I am so grateful.

    I saw my husband pulled out the box to apply again and I got on line to read! I am so glad he did not apply it the second time- would have killed and her.

    Why is this still sold!!!!

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