Hartz killed my best friend

I have two cats and they had fleas and I bought Hartz Flea tick and flea medication and within two days one of my cats was dead another cat looks like skeleton she lost all over body weight she used to be really big and now she’s really bony you can see her all of her bone that’s scary I want to sue Hartz they killed my best friend

2 thoughts on “Hartz killed my best friend”

  1. look my name is dj I lost my husky to hartz I tried to sue hartz and Walmart judge sided with them try something different abc news called yea not kidding if I do go on the ones responsible is EPA think about it they have the power to shut them down try taking epa to small claims court in one year hartz have killed 72,000 in one year alone do you see the problem ITS THE EPA ITS THERE FAULT!

    1. A lawyer I contacted said to try a class action suit against Hartz…I’m up for it. My little lover cat buddy died by the product and my ceecee girl lost her weight and hair….580 736 0398 faith grasso

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