Never Use Hartz- Class action lawsuit in process

My mom just lost her cat this morning after a Hartz Flea and tick collar was put on her cat while being fostered.. Also, a friend of ours German Shepherd dog was having seizures, foaming out the mouth and lifeless after a Hartz collar was placed on him. Hartz is killing our pets every day. I had a Horrible Experience with my 3 cats years ago, the Vet said the drops poisons their heart and there is basically no saving them… This group on facebook is waiting to start a class action lawsuit.. pets

21 thoughts on “Never Use Hartz- Class action lawsuit in process”

  1. Hartz product killed my beautiful smart loving boy cat/buddy…put me on the list for class action lawsuit…faith grasso 580 736 0398

    1. My name is Colin hedgepeth I had no idea that this flee med made by hartz. It’s killed my best friend (LITTLE)girl I raised her from a new born she was 4 year of age. It also killed my wife’s cat allie cat. After the vet tried to save them. I have two dead cats in my freezer I need a lawyer please

    2. My name is Colin hedgepeth I had no idea that this flee med made by hartz. It’s killed my best friend (LITTLE)girl I raised her from a new born she was 4 year of age. It also killed my wife’s cat allie cat. After the vet tried to save them. I have two dead cats in my freezer I need a lawyer please

      1. Colin hedgepeth my # is 12513662402 please help it’s not right killed 2 of my baby’s Now we have two big vet bills an 2 dead friends(cats) I need a lawyer

  2. Hartz has made my otherwise lively alert feline depressed, lethargic, panting excessively, develope red spots on neck, and has made him act very out of character, I wasn’t the one who gave it to him but regardless he’s my cat who I now suspect will lose his life soon, I do not have sufficient funds to take him to the vet, but someone needs to pay for this.

  3. Ian this still going on? And has anyone had any pet that developed lymphoma? We have used Hartz on our dog Daytona and she was just diagnosed with Lymphoma last week. A family member said to check because they believed they saw someone talking about a lawsuit because the pets were developing illnesses such as bad heart disease and cancer. Thank you

  4. I used an “extra gentle” puppy shampoo that nearly killed my dog and my bank account. The shampoo burned her back and the next day her back was bloody and blistered. Some of the soap seeped into her ear and caused a devastating ear infection which also included blood. I am going after Hartz and making them pay for the damages. How can we get rid of Hartz??? They are selling dangerous chemicals and putting out false advertisement that it is all “gentle” and “natural”. I researched the ingredients and 3 of them were irritants/ carcinogens. This should be illegal!

  5. My beautiful cat was their victim yesterday from their ear mite drops! One dose it seems so unreal!! Something that was supposed to help him!!

  6. we gave our little girls service dog a bath in Hart’s flea and tick shampoo and the next morning she woke up paralyzed in her back legs. She is now not able to move and it is tearing our little girl apart to know that her dog is dying. I think all of hartz products should be removed from the shelf. It’s terrible that something that is supposed to help them is killing so many dogs. I will be more then glad to help with a class action lawsuit against hartz.

    1. I have my Chihuahua at an Animal Hospital right now after using the Hertz Flea & Tick shampoo. He’s having terrible seizures. I will do everything in my power to get that product pulled off shelves.

  7. Please if this is still going on add me. I used the dual action flea/tick drops and he got so sick… He was throwing up and diarrhea for two days. His back legs were stiff and he couldn’t eat/drink on his own he died last night at 11 pm so please put me on this

    1. OMG I’m so glad I found this site. I need in. My cat is suffering. I bought a hartz flea collar and she lost hair, changed behavior, developed rashes…what should I do?

  8. Our family Cat had fatal reactions to the Hartz flea & tick drops. We didn’t think he was going to pull through. Panting, foaming from the mouth and running into the walls are a few reactions. We wiped as much of the drops as we could, with fresh water & a bath towel. He went under our family sofa to rest & be alone. This is very out of character for him. My Husband stayed up with our cat.
    Come morning, we called our veterinary and was told to NEVER USE ANY OF HARTZ PRODUCTS.

  9. My five year old cat died today five hours after I applied Hartz flee and tick. This company needs to be held accountable

  10. My 7 1/2 year old Pomeranian passed away last week with autoimmune hemolytic anemia. He had been very healthy up until last Sunday and became very lethatgic and started fainting. He was treated with prednisone, antibiotics and continued to decline until he passed on Thursday. For the first time ever I used the Hartz Ultraguard flea and tick drops because we were on vacation and he got fleas and that was the only brand available. That was on June 1. He died exactly one month later. I don’t know if it was due to this treatment but there does appear to be a pattern here. Has anyone had a similar experience this far out from using this product?

  11. Is this still an active case. I used hartz ultra guard and my puppy looks like we poured acid down his back.

    1. I would like to know as well. Used the “gentle” grooming shampoo and currently undergoing several procedures to removed dead skin cells from back due to chemical burn. Not to mention emotional stress not knowing if my girl will be ok.

  12. I used the Hertz Flea Shampoo on my Chihuahua mix and mow he’s having major seizures. I’m going to the Vet and if they tell me it has anything to do with this product, I will be contacting an attorney. I don’t understand why this product is still being sold??? Very sad and pissed off

  13. I unknowingly used the Hartz Flea & Tick drops on my cat. Isabella died yesterday 5 days after using the product. I called Hartz a day or two after using them with concerns. They told me her reaction was more than likely because she was 18 years old. What a shame she was small but healthy prior to the usage of their product. They said they would send coupons..what a joke they killed her but want to give me coupons to go buu more of their product. RIP Isabella.

  14. Omg I’m reading this and it breaks my heart. I applied the hartz dual action flea and tick drops to my Bassett hound and she now has wounds to her back area where it was applied to. I feel so bad for her.

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