Hartz Horror

I also had an issue with hartz ultra guard. I thankfully purchased the collar and was able to take it off of her right after I noticed her acting weird. I put the collar on my 6 month old shih tzu an hour before dinner. I fed her dinner and she threw all of it up. I talked to my mom and did some research and I am throwing this collar away now! Only thing is my puppy still has stiches in from getting spayed and Im not sure if the groomer can apply a flea and tic treatment. I hope taking the collar off solves the problem and she is back to her normal self.

Poor Minnie

My 1yr. old Minnie instantly began running around and meowing. She was scratching and chewing. My Benny and Mickey seemed okay. We rinsed the drops off of her. Today they all seem a little off/ lethargic. I’m hoping it’s because of the heat and high humidity. Appetites are fine. Bought the ear mite drops also. Not sure if I should use them.