text me, it killed my wonderful cat who traveled with me, walked on sidewalk without a leash by me, purred everyday of his life…… i want to copy your stories when i sue them in court……..call 580-736-0398 faith grasso duncan ok.

Hartz Ultraguard Plus for cats

We gave one dose of this product to our cat 5 days ago. Other than the fleas we were treating him for, he was an otherwise perfectly healthy, active cat. 2 days ago, he became somewhat lethargic, but we had been told flea medications can sometimes make pets feel a bit ill initially, so we assumed that’s all it was. Today he rapidly worsened, started having trouble breathing, and died on the way to the animal hospital. I wish I had thought to google this product before ever trying it, but you assume if it’s for sale across national retailers and it’s a name you recognize, that it must be safe.


Tbis stuff gave my cat toxicity. She is now in the vet fighting for her life. They said she ate something that she didn’t need to that was poisonous to cats. She is alert but still have seizures but they have given her medicine for it. They are keeping her again today and tonight to see how she does but if we wanted we could come visit her. She is walking and alert but wobbling. Our house is cleaned didn’t find anything she could have eaten. They asked us if we used this product and we had a few days before. I am not happy.

Product sucks

So glad I searched and found this site because I put one on my two-year-old Shih Tzu within hours I noticed he got really sick. Lethargic not playing won’t drink won’t eat. I didn’t think nothing about it at first because my boyfriend has a habit of feeding him things he’s not supposed to. And then I decided to look up the side effects to his new flea collar because I cannot stand to watch him go through this. I did take it off immediately after reading some of these post thank you all so much for putting these on here.

Oinkies Dog Treats

My golden retriever immediately threw up after eating his first treat! 2 reasons why I should not have bought these: made in China, and red dye! Never give your pet treats with red dye!!!I will definitely read label next time!

Sergeants has poisoned my Malti Poo

I purchased Sergeants Bansect Squeeze on Flea & Tick control for dogs at Dollartree. My poor lil very lap dog snuggly guy instantly started wheezing , shortness of breath, flopping in the floor . rolling around , hyper and cannot rest. He normally is lazy type to cuddle and lay around. Everyone loves my dog. Now I am worried sick . My husband has bathed him 3 times already and has been giving him Benadryl . This has been going on now for 4 days. I cannot stand to see him suffer this way . I am calling my vet in the morning as I thought this wld. clear up by now. I googled it to see if other ppl. reported anything and was shocked. This will not go without a fight ! I purchased 2 of them one for my sons dog. Thank God I never used it on her. I have lots of people including my groomer and vet. doctor who know how calm my dog is. I am ready to meet this head on !

my sweet betsy

Just wanted to share my story. So somehow my cat got fleas she is an indoor cat never been outside i thought my house was fairly bug free occasionally see a spider like the norm. So petting my cat one day i saw a little bug crawling in her hair never seen one before. ive never used a flea treatment on my cat who ive had for 12 years but decided better safe then sorry so looking at my flea care options i opted for the hartz flea drops was cheap and my thinking they are all prob about the same thing. So my happy cat who has never seen a flea before this moment got her first treatment ever. i have never used a medical treatment on my cat other then the routine stuff the vet gives to prevent rabies or whatever else they give them. within the hour my cat was sitting in my sons room staring at his bed. she has not one time in my sons 5 years of life visited his bedroom so this was unusual, later found her just meowing and crying also something she does not do and very spaced out. every evening me and betsy watch tv she comes when shes called and hangs out this is a 12 year routine this night she did not come to me she did not sit next to me now laying on my kitchen floor not being able to lift her head. didnt think much of it thought ok maybe there is a short little reaction to this stuff itll be fine by tomorrow. the next day betsy in the exact same spot on the kitchen floor had not ate anything. my cat will eat until you quit feeding her also unusual behavior, her entire demeanor had changed didnt turn to look at me her ears did not move when i called her name. starting to freak out figured had to be this flea product. My cat if you didnt know any better would assume she was dying i knew her days were numbered. thank the lord 4 weeks later my cat is still alive her entire personality has changed shes still very spacey. the area where i had put the flea drops her hair is missing it fell out behind her shoulders. my cat now has fleas all over her this product did nothing and now im terrified to treat my cat with anything else. ive been giving her a bath with dawn soap every week and using a flea comb nightly to remove as many fleas as possible. even saw on one site people had used vinegar to rid the fleas so ive tried that as well. hasnt really worked the soapy water and flea comb seems to be working. I wish i would of investigated this and used a vet reccomended product. im not sure what the future holds for my cat but she is an entirely different animal who has slowly crawled away from her death bed over flea drops. I miss my cat this is a terrible product.

Hartz killed my cat and poisoned my dog.

On June 23rd 2017 at 10 a.m. I applied Hartz Ultraguard Pro flea & tick medicine as directed to my 1 yr old cat Clyde and dog Kane. One kind for the dog, one kind for the cat. At 3 a.m. June 24th my cat passed away. At 10 a.m. my dog started having neurological issues. We rushed him to the vet. They told us he was having a toxic reaction to the flea medicine. Cost us $200 to get him an “antidote” to save his life. My fiance was trying desperately to save our cats life but it was too late.
Our cat was our son, our family. We loved him dearly and he loved us just as much. He did not deserve this. I’m thankful we were able to save our dog in time. Take these products off the shelves!
😭😭 RIP our baby boy Clyde Mud, he was only a yr and 2 months old.
Everyone please sign this petition. Thank you. https://www.change.org/p/the-environmental-protection-agency-get-toxic-flea-and-tick-otc-that-kills-dogs-and-cats-pulled-from-the-market?recruiter=8212283&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_term=share_for_starters_page&utm_content=nafta_share_post_title_en_3%3AFB_share_copy_2
#JusticeForClydeMud #Hartz #UltraGuardPro #fleamedicine #HartzVictim

Cat has seizures from Hartz Flea and Tick collar and still has fleas

My indoor four year old cat had fleas and I purchased a Hartz Flea and Tick collar for him. He still has fleas two months later. Yesterday he had two seizures. I took him to the vet and fortunately his blood work is all normal. I will give him extra fluids and baths to help detox him, and pray that he doesn’t have any more issues.

There is definitely something wrong with our government oversight that allows this company can continue to operate and wreak havoc and death on beloved pets of owners under the guise of trying to help their pets.

This is insanity. And a game of big industry.

Hartz UltraGuard Fast acting Flea & Tick for dogs

Gave my dog, Biscuit, a 2 year old Boxer/Lab mix a bath with this product for the first time today, 06/28/17. Never used this product before. So wish I had looked up reviews and warnings before doing so. Within 15 mins she was running around flopping on her back and yelping like she was in pain and was just trying to rub it off her. She wouldn’t come to me and had a look about her like I had punished her! Finally after running around for 10 mins she laid down and I went to her. She is not right! She’s acting like she is traumatized. It’s been about 3 hours now and she’s thrown up 6 or 7 times. She’s shaking and twitching constantly. We’ve given her an additional bath using just regular shampoo and rinsed her thoroughly twice and she’s still thrown up twice more since that and still shaking. After reading some of these posts I really hope I didn’t just kill my dog!

There is a warning on the bottle that say some dogs may have sensitivity to this product and to use mild soap and rinse with large amounts of water. Also it says gives strong warning about the soap runoff and rinse water being very dangerous. I thought this was just Hartz being careful. Nope! Their product is lethal!! People please: DO NOT USE HARTZ products!!

I’m blown away by how immediate the reaction was. She did drink some water a little while ago for the first time in 3 hrs so I’m hoping after a soap bath and several rinse downs she will be ok. I will be keeping a close eye on her the next 24-48 hrs and if she needs, taking her to the vet. People of Hartz should be ashamed to put a product this dangerous out there for the sake of profits. Disgusting!