I have lost my son

I gave my son peanut ( boxer) Hartz Duo Pro flea and tick treatment and 15 min later I went to check on him he had a seizure and lock jaw red blotches on his body losing his hair I rinsed some of it off him he threw up and had diarrhea couldn’t walk on his own. I took him to vet. They said it was gonna cost 1200$ to keep him overnight and it was very slim 20% chance it would work I didnt have that kind of money and he the chance if survioring was so slim he recommend to put him down. I haven’t sleep and haven’t ate since it happened yesterday 7/20/2017. I just didn’t want him to suffer anymore. In pics below you can see he has lockjaw and that he had red spots and some that started bleeding he lost hair

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  1. Hi angela,

    Did you put Peanut down or? This is terrible this happens every day to animals it happened to my dog about 7 years ago, he survived thank the good Lord but I can’t stand this product is still on the market!

  2. Hi Angela,
    I am a reporter and I am interested in doing a story on Hartz. I’d like to speak with you about your experience with Hartz product. Please give me a call at 212.456.6357.
    Thank you!

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