Foaming at the mouth

I am so glad I found your website. Within minutes of spraying my cat, she was profusely foaming from her mouth. It was just pouring out of her little mouth! She ran from me, hid under the house, and I started googling to find out what I could do.
the instructions on the bottle itself are pretty terrifying, and I should have known better. -Use gloves, toxic, hazards to both people and animals, pesticide…..etc, etc. And the 1-800 number to call for emergencies. I read all this at PetSmart before I bought it, to make sure you could actually put it on a live cat. And everything said yes, that’s what it is for. (as opposed to spraying on carpet or furniture)
As soon as I could get to her, (maybe 10 minutes in) I washed her with the dog soap I had, and then again with dishwashing detergent. The second time was much more aggressively, after reading the posts here.
This was last night, she seems OK today, but I’ll be keeping an eye on her. Imagine if I hadn’t washed this stuff off as quickly as I did? I don’t understand how a product like this is on the market. The simple act of trying to rid her of fleas could have killed her. Most of these stories are horrifying. I consider myself lucky.
This stuff should be banned.

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