My Cat was given the drops HARTZ Flea and Tick ultra Guard pro.
I came home from work at 430 pm and he was meowing to me when i came in the door. I rinsed off the med on his neck with blue dawn. rushed him to the vet, the vet gave him atropine and over night IV. I picked him up and had him laying on my chest for 5 1/2 hrs before he died a horrific death of growling,-my cat never did that before death- he purred his whole life, walked without a leash on the sidewalk by my side…a REAL love of my life….then he died on my chest. I have it on video……I have PTSD, Cant sleep and when i do i cant go back because i think of him living his sweet life and dying by A PRODUCT I THOUGHT WAS SAFE……BTW, I HAVE HAD HIM BIOPSIED AND NECROPSIED, and he is in MY FREEZER. cant let him go….waiting on biopsy to start lawsuit…. ect…HARTZ BROKE MY HEART BY KILLING MY “BUDDY”….please send me a text if you read this, if it happened to your pet…..i need letters to go to court to get a slam dunk on these Basterds….HARTZ….


  1. I try the lawsuit judge sided with hartz I had two huskys one was 80 lb second was 60 lbs I bought the hartz 60 lb drop the 80 lb husky died in two days I did not overdose him it was underdosed luckly I did not put it on my 60 lb husky I bought mine at Walmart I have on my rear van window Walmart killed my dog they are just as responsible as hartz they new it was bad and still sold it anyway you can call or email me my phone no, is 219 246 5282 ask for dj

    1. My dog died yesterday, 15 minutes after the treatment he started to respond poorly to it. Took ro vet, ask if we kept any poison in the house,? He showed signs of poisoning. The damage was done, he had to put down. Called hartz said they didn’t care, can’t prove it! 540-676-7271 leave a message and I will get back. Or text.

      1. My cat died after an hour of putting this onto her fur, my poor baby is gone, she was only 2 years old and had since she was a baby, Rest In Peace chloe

  2. My sister is currently experiencing this. She just called me and is really scared. She told me she put hartz Ultra Guard pro on her cat and it’s having the same symptoms. I told her to take the cat to a vet asap. She is currently trying to find a vet open today since it’s a Sunday.

  3. Hello, my name is Milana Vinn and I am doing a research on Hartz for a possible ABC News story.
    If your pet died after being treated by the Hartz flea and tick product and you want to share your experience — please contact me at 212.456.6357.

    Thank you.

    1. OK Milana, I think you called me after it happened when i posted this, . I could not find a lawyer to take the case…….I would like to give you an interview and will make a copy of my cat dying in my arms and growling as he lay dying on me…..I have tons of pics before of him well, ,,,,and as i stated, I have him in my freezer….he died an early death and a horrible one……..I love my buddy to death…..even in death, and im not crazy, IM MAD AS HELL, HARTZ PRODUCTS AND THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE THE PRODUCT NEED TO DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH LIKE ALL THE PETS THEY KILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!580 736 0398 faith grasso 315 north H. st Duncan, ok……

      1. I’m currently dealing with my daughters cat not even a year old gave this damn flea and tick stuff I thought be safe early this afternoon by 10pm she’s throwing up and pooping everywhere. If she dies I don’t know how to tell my four year old…. this cat is everything to her. I’m so pissed and upset. I can’t stop crying..

  4. My cat Chloe was killed after a few hours of putting onto her, she seemed different after a little bit after putting this stupid flee thing onto her, never again will buy, my poor baby chloe is gonna I will never get the chance to see her again. She was only 2, Rest In Peace baby.

  5. I started using hartz ultraguard plus 3 weeks ago, my cat has lost 10 pounds, and now he won’t eat very much at all. he acts like he is in another dimension. What can I do to help him. I obviously stopped with hartz…but now what can I do?
    Why wasn’t this off the market if it is known to harm pets?
    My name is Candess
    my email is [email protected]

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