Hartz Ultra Guard

I used Hartz Ultra Guard on my cat Koko yesterday. Today after 30 hours she is still scratching and I can see a few fleas running around on her belly. I tried to save money but this stuff is junk. Can I use Advantage today?

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  1. No, you have to wait a minimum of 2 weeks for a monthly product and at least a month for any longer acting product. If possible, I would recommend giving her a bath with dawn unconcentrated dish soap and rinsing thoroughly to give her some relief and it should kill most of the live fleas on her. Use a flea comb to comb out the fur and drop the fleas into a cup of water-dish soap mixture to kill them. My current furry purries would never let me bathe them, but some cats are more accommodating and strangely enough some even like it.

  2. No. do not use any other chemical agents on your cat yet. Mix one cup of mint tea (from the dollar) store, one table spoon of dawn dishwashing detergent and two table spoons of your favorite cat shampoo with three cups of water. Do not immerse cat in water–damp wash with rag and towel dry. With a Doppler after the bath, insert two seven ml drops of the unsweetened mint tea in the cat’s mouth, then with your finger wipe 1/4 teaspoon of honey in and around the felines mouth–they will take Care of the rest. Hopefully, if it’s not too late, this will help turn your cat back to normal.

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