Almost lost her…

Last night I used Hartz product (Tick and flea repellent Ultra Guard Pro) on my cat. I only used half the dose and 15 minutes later she she was screaming, trying to lick it off her neck and her breathing was very labored. I rushed her into the shower to rinse what I could off of her and immediately went to the ER Vet. She suffered a chemical burn and possibly may have stomach issues because it looked like she was able to lick some of it and it burned her gums! The staff at the emergency veterinarian hospital told me they had two dogs there right now admitted for use of this product as well as 7 other cats that week for use of this product!! I wish I would have done more research before using this product. Today is day one of recovery on pain meds and stomach meds to avoid an ulcer.

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  1. My dog started acting funny after I used the flea & tick treatment. Scratching real bad, running around the room as if she was on fire. I quickly grabbed her and started wiping the oil stuff off her and her hair was coming off too. Then I gave her a bath, she still acted funny gave her another bath, still itchy gave her a oatmeal bath. Then I grabbed her brother & sister who didn’t have a reaction and washed their stuff off! How can you sell this toxic stuff!

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