Sergeants has poisoned my Malti Poo

I purchased Sergeants Bansect Squeeze on Flea & Tick control for dogs at Dollartree. My poor lil very lap dog snuggly guy instantly started wheezing , shortness of breath, flopping in the floor . rolling around , hyper and cannot rest. He normally is lazy type to cuddle and lay around. Everyone loves my dog. Now I am worried sick . My husband has bathed him 3 times already and has been giving him Benadryl . This has been going on now for 4 days. I cannot stand to see him suffer this way . I am calling my vet in the morning as I thought this wld. clear up by now. I googled it to see if other ppl. reported anything and was shocked. This will not go without a fight ! I purchased 2 of them one for my sons dog. Thank God I never used it on her. I have lots of people including my groomer and vet. doctor who know how calm my dog is. I am ready to meet this head on !

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