Do not use !!!!!

I had rescued my lovely boy Jax from an animal shelter, this poor kitty has been thru a lot already. He’s 6 months old and our family just adores him. We love everything about our cat except his fleas. I didn’t hear anything about Hartz flea and tick prevention drops so yesterday I bought a 3 month supply. I bathed him and when he was dry I put the drops on the back of his neck. Jax took off as soon as I put it on. He started meowing and scratching worse than he was with fleas, I looked for him around the house because he took off so quicky. I found him in my daughter’s room hiding in the closet. I ran over to him and he was shaking. I put him in the bath for a good 30 minutes soaking and washing. It seemed to help because after he was back in our bed purring and giving us kisses. I will never use this product I threw away the rest of the supply and will never use any Hartz products in the future. I read some stories about this product after I used it and we are really lucky that’s all that happened to our baby because it could have been a lot worse. Please whoever may be reading this and is thinking about using Hartz products, please dont. It’s not worth it. Your animal will suffer and may die from this garbage they are selling.

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