Horrible medicine

I grabbed this flea/tick medicine, Hartz Ultraguard Pro, at the store and quickly checked Amazon’s ratings before doing so. 4ish stars plus it was $14 vs $38 for my normal brand so I figured I would try it.
As soon as I put it on Pilot’s back the smell was horrible and chemical. He immediately started acting extremely weird. He started panting heavily (totally weird for a cat) and running around crazy. He became super paranoid and would hide everywhere and run through the house low to the floor. It was almost as if he was hallucinating. He didn’t eat for about 16 hours which is weird for Pilot😜 too.

I immediately got online and searched for complaints for this product. Apparently this is straight up insecticide and there were so many stories of animals getting chemical burns, having the same reactions Pilot did, and many animals die from it. We washed him 3 times to get it off of him but his back still twitched for 24 hours after. He seems to be fine now and we don’t see any signs of burns or his hair falling out. I will never use this product again and will tell everyone I know not to as well.

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  1. Amy-

    Thank you for sharing your post. I decided to try the Ultraguard pro as well on my cat Ninja. There was not any strange smell but as the day progressed yesterday, he started getting whiny and acting strange. Overnight, he was very clingy which is not typical. This morning he was kind of whiny and moping around. He wanted to keep hiding in the other room. After reading your post this morning, I took a cool wet wash cloth and put on the application spot on his back. After a few minutes of washing and massaging the area with the cool wet washcloth, Ninja seemed very relieved and more comfortable. Thank you for sharing your experience and need to start a movement to get this “medication” looked into. It is clearly not healthy!

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