My daughters Dachipap was killed by one of our neighbors trying to be nice and bathing him in some kind of Hartz flea shampoo. They noticed him scratching and saw fleas and knew he was due for his bath/grooming, and trying to be nice they wanted to surprise their over-worked, barely scraping by single mother neighbor. They know my family, they knew my dog. They knew any and every condition he had and what he was and wasn’t allergic to. 36 hours after bathing him, Freckles was dead. He showed no obvious allergic reaction. It wasn’t until later that we all realized he’d been having seizures for over 24 hours. Not the obvious flopping around, the kind where you space out. He literally was wagging his tail one second as I leaned down to pet him and fell over, had an hour long seizure in my lap where he was aware the entire time. I live nowhere near emergency vets and there are no on call come to your house at midnight vets within 2 hours. I do not blame my neighbors at all, I blame the supposed safe flea treatment.

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