Pesticidal Idiots Need to Go!

I have been the victim of other people’s use of pest control for several years. I have even tried to make them stop by using limited amounts of pest control myself. In an effort to reduce chemical slaughter of humans and pets, I have given my dogs flea and tick prevention in pill form. After over a year of living with my grandmother, I can still smell the flea and tick shampoo all over the house. No matter how many washings I try or what products, the ingredients have permeated the house so severely that I can taste the stuff. I already blame pest control for the death of two small cats. Everytime the temperature changes or the humidity climbs, the stuff is sickening. The excessive use is so sickening that I am positive I have even ingested the stuff and suffer from neurological issues because of it. Unfortunately, despite my efgorts to satisfy everyone, I can only blamd my idiot family and every other tresspasser who sees fit to use idiotic products. Although infestations can be horrible, they can easily be remediated without the use of chemical warfare.

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