New warning – bad batch of Hartz Oinkies

I purchased a new bag of Hartz Pig Skin Oinkies treats on 5/5/2017 and gave my 3.5 yr old Hungarian Viszla 1 chew treat at approximately 9:30 pm that evening. She consumed about half of the treat and within 30 minutes, her eyes were swollen shut and her muzzle was very swollen – eye lids and lips were pink/bright red. I immediately administered 50mg of Benadryl which helped a little but, she had to go to the vet for a steroid/Benadryl injection the following morning. She’s still taking Prednisone for the rest of the week in conjunction with Benadryl – just for added safety, as instructed by my veterinarian. Please understand, she had been consuming these treats since 6months of age up until 5/05/1017 at the rate of approximately 3-4 chew treats per week with no problems until now. Be careful and don’t risk your pet’s safety with these dog treats. I guess we were lucky since it didn’t cause full-blown anaphylaxis but, I really won’t know if this treat has caused any permanent damage for some time. Don’t risk it!

Hartz collar created terrible sores on my cat. Now he is dead.

We found a puppy, and decided to keep him. I had 3 cats and 2 other dogs at the time. We believe he brought fleas in because all of our pets seemed to be itching more than normal. Since we had so many animals, we could only afford flea collars for the cats. We bought HARTZ brand collars. 2 of the cats had no reactions to the collar, but my poor Biscuit experienced large sores that he could not quit scratching. They were all around his neck and face (which I would post pictures of, but I am in no shape to take pictures of my dead pet). I kept cleaning them and putting neosporin on them. I could not afford to take him to the vet for a while, but was planning to this Friday when I got paid. I was out today until about 9pm. When I got home, I fed the cats, but Biscuit did not come. I looked in his usual spot on the cabinets and saw his little paws hanging off as if he were sleeping. I called his name and touched his paws, but he was gone. He didn’t deserve this, and I feel so terrible that I purchased this product and put him through that misery. Rest in peace buddy, and I am so sorry I may have brought this on you. I will never be able to live this down.


Just wanted to tell you that Revolution caused all of my 10 cats to lose their fur in many large spots and a general thinning of fur over entire body, start drooling, repeatedly develop large sores, and become trance-like. You had said something about turning to Revolution – I would strongly advise against it. Read up on it and you’ll see that many animals have died from this product, too; a lot of people are complaining about it. Stick with Advantage and Frontline – they seem to be the safest of all.

Flea Collar

I thought my dog had a stroke!
I put a flea collar on her for the first time (she is 2 1/2 yrs old) This morning she could barely get up and walk, would not eat or drink. Took her to the vet told them I used the oatmeal shampoo 2 days ago and put flea collar on last night.

I never heard of such a thing! How are they still on the market?
Thankfully, after being bathed and collar free she improved at the vet throughout the day! She is still slow on her feet but can stand and ate.

Hartz shampoo is like toxic waste!

I tried Hartz oatmeal shampoo on my two Springer spaniels. Both developed horrible skin lesion the day after. Changed back to a sulphate-free shampoo with simple preservatives and the problem is going away. This Hartz shampoo is like toxic waste! It’s the bad preservatives in it.