Feel Guilty for having administered Posion to my pets

I lost my Pumpkin, April 2015. I remember the ordeal so clearly first it was lost of appetite within hours of Hertz treatment. She then retreated off to herself. She quit eating over next two day, I took her to the vet on Friday One vet ordered labs run on her. Saturday, I good a walk in and the second vet gave me a tube of high calorie food in a tube to offer her. He then assured that it probably was nothing. Monday morning, the initial vet told me her organs had began to fail, she was 11 year old very sick and in pain. So I followed vet guide, she was euthanized.

Unknowing that it was Hertz. I continued to use Hertz on my 3 indoor cats. I began to see a pattern that after administering Hertzone would show lost of appetite over a few meals but then show increase of meals. But on May 5th 1017 I recognized all the symptoms that Pumpkin had displayed Now it was Bailey and rushed to the vet told her what I suspected. She told me it had been know to kill cats. Then I realized I had killed my pumpkin. she bathed him, gave fluids. He continued to slowly improve over the next five days. I came home and bathed the other cats.

Thanks for the web site and allowing me to tell my story ,

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  1. I’m sorry for your loss. Did you know that they specifically advise consumers against using this stuff on Cats, but people ignore it. Why did you ignore the warnings? Did you even read the packaging? If you blame anyone you should blame yourself. Make America Great Again-read product advisement

  2. Hey Kay
    What the ^*&^ are you talking about? The OP didnt say they used DOG treatment on a CAT. You only posted a phony note of sympathy in order to leave a snarky comment

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