RIP MERMIE!! I’m so sorry for what happened…

So this is basically the hardest thing to have to write about but I wish I could get on national TV and warn all pet owners to not use this Hartz Poisonous Cat killing product. I always used Revolution and it actually worked excellent for many years. Until one day I was out of it and I happened to have a box of it lying around that someone had given me. Not thinking, I figured no big deal, and I used it on my Mermie. He was fine, but I noticed that the fleas weren’t disappearing like they would with the Revolution. So I decided to give him a bath, which wasn’t an easy feat to do to a full grown cat. I thought since I washed off the flea treatment that I had given about 1-2 weeks prior, it shouldn’t be any big deal to reapply, especially since it wasn’t working so well. About 3 weeks later I then reapplied again when I noticed he was scratching more often, and fleas were becoming more and more present.
He immediately started vomiting like 2x and had diarrhea like 2x. but after that he seemed fine.

About 2 weeks later he got hit by a car right at dusk on a fairly busy street that he normally crossed several times a night for years. Fortunately, my roommate witnessed the whole thing. He alerted me and said Merm got hit and ran out from under the car and into a bush. We immediately rushed him to the e.r. only to find out that he was already in renal failure and going to die anyways even if the car never hit him. They recommended that I put him to sleep due to his injuries and being sick already.
That was the hardest thing I ever had to do. The doctor kept saying he was poisoned somehow by antifreeze or Easter lilies, or something, but he wasn’t sure. It all didn’t make sense to me.

Then it dawned on me what had happened about 2 weeks prior to this whole nightmare. I thought OMG, its my fault! I then looked up on the internet about Hartz medicine and saw the countless stories on numerous websites. I’m still not ok from the whole experience. I miss my Mermie so much and I know that he will wait for me at Rainbow Bridge.

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