On May 9, 2017, I treated all five of my cats with the above mentioned product. For several hours after carefully applying the drops, (carefully following all instruction) two of my cats were behaving strangely. They were literally running all around, as if the stuff was burning them. For few hours, my Papelbon went into hiding as if he thought he was going to die (as cats will). I looked up this strange behavior online and found that I should write it off. Perfectly normal.

Thing is: I’ve been treating my cats for fleas their entire lives but only with the more expensive Advantage II or Frontline. Having been out of work for the past couple of months, I haven’t beeen able to afford the expensive stuff.

Today, a little over two weeks since their treatments, one of my cats (who displayed the strange reaction) has lost his fur at the treatment site. I’m terrified as I don’t know what to expect next. Will his skin blister, become infected?

I now have to take him to a good veterinarian but simply cannot afford to. Should I approach Hartz about footing the vet bill. Cam I sue them for causing so much pain to my Papelbon or the anguish that I’ve been experiencing?

Please reply ASAP. I need a professional opinion before I can proceed.

They won’t allow me to post pictures as there are too many pixels.

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